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Sponsor-Agent is the biggest sponsoring database in the internet. If you are seriously looking for sponsors you should not leave this chance passing you. With an entry to the database of Sponsor-Agent you will address thousands of sponsors worldwide. Present your project professionally to the matching sponsors who are looking for a project like yours. Whether you are looking for a local sponsor for your sporting club or a local event or whether you are searching for a international company to sponsor a worldwide operation, Sponsor-Agent is the right medium for you.

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Get sponsors with Sponsor-Agent
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Sponsor Agent

Find Sponsors
with Sponsor-Agent

You are looking for sponsors for sports, art, culture, events, clubs, science, inventions, charity, etc.?

Here you will get all the contacts to address appropriate sponsors for your projects.

Finance your projects with sponsoring. Sponsor-Agent is the largest databank for sponsoring with thousands of contacts.

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Sponsoring Agent

Sponsor-Agent brings your sponsoring application to thousands of potential sponsors all over the world. Address exactly those companies your project will be interesting for.
Many thousands of persons and companies are sponsoring sports, art and culture events, charity organizations, science, shows and many other projects. Most of these sponsors are listed in our database with all their preferences and profiles. If you enter a project which you need to finance by sponsoring, we will figure out exactly those sponsors who could be interested just in your project.
Some sponsors are prefer to get publicity in press and TV for their sponsoring money, others want to address a special kind of clients or are interested in other privileges they can get in return for their sponsoring. Some sponsors just want to support some charity events. However we will find the right sponsor who fits exactly to your needs, for a longterm partnership. We have sponsors for a small local sports club or a worldwide acting organization, from a few hundred dollars to a few million.
So start today and enter your date to the database of Sponsor-Agent. Your entry will be compared permanently with the inquiries of potential sponsors and for matching profiles we will send your project to the appropriate companies.
And for sponsors we offer a wide range of sponsor-worthy projects out of sports, art, culture, science, events, non-profit organizations and many more.
Sponsor Agent

Sponsor Agent




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