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Sponsor Agent

What we offer

With an entry into the database of sponsor-agent you get the best contacts from thousands of possible sponsors, both within your local area, as well as for international projects. Each sponsor has his own ideas, how he wants to sponsor. Economic thinking plays a role, as well as personal interests of the responsible people making the decision. All important data for the companies in question is registered in our data bank.

Our database comprises both, smaller companies who primarily sponsor local events and institutions, and big international corporate groups who are interested in a sponsoring for nationwide or international events. Ranging from sportsmen, clubs and teams to artists and scientists and to events, exibitions and non-profit organizations sponsoring is available for nearly all kinds of activity.

Based on the information about each single sponsor, exactly those will be selected, who could be interested in your project. We will send your profile to the appropriate sponsors and agencies. So you can be sure that your inquiry will be well addressed and sent directly to the competent individuals.

You are informed via e-mail about the number of inquiries sent and the reactions of the respective companies until the sponsors contact you directly.

More Information about our databank you get here.

This is for sure the most effective and cheapest way to contact sponsors and marketing agencies.

Your registration is valid for at least 3 months. To register, we ask you to pay a monthly charge of merely US $ 39.-. It is very cheap if you consider only all the money saved on postage and phone calls.

Of course your information is confidential .

Now don't hesitate to grab this opportunity. Start your search for sponsors now.


Sponsor Agent

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