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"With our database entry we could find two new sponsors for our sports club."

Brian A.

"Thanks to my new sponsors I could finally step-up to the international racing scene. I appreciate your service and thank you very much."

Cathy P.

"Our animal shelter was close to get closed. Thanks to your service we could find a sponsor at the last minute."

Elisabeth H.

"My daughter now can compete nationwide at horse shows thanks to your mediation of our new sponsor."

Donald S.

"After finding a sponsor I am now able to concentrate fully on my sports. Now I am looking forward to qualify for the olympics."

Susann P.

"Within a short time with sponsor-agent I got more contacts to sponsors than I got in 3 years before with serveral marketing agencies and sponsor agents."

Marc A.

"I would like to thank you again for your excellent service. Most of your contacts were really first-class. We have got two new sponsors. I can only recommend your service."

Maxim W.

Sponsor Agent

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